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Greg Antista and the Lonely Streets are a rock ‘n’ roll quartet with deep roots in the Southern California rock scene. New Noise Magazine described them as "A stellar four-piece who play perfectly-crafted three-minute pop songs that owe just as much to Johnny Cash as they do The Adolescents," while the Morton Report wrote "This band is pulling out all the stops to keep the punk tradition alive, and they do it with enough props to power pop and other rock offshoots that it's a glorious mix no matter what it's called."

Although frontman Greg Antista has known each of his band members for decades, The Lonely Streets have only been in existence since 2018. The band features Antista (lead vocals, songwriter, guitar), Frank Agnew (lead guitar, vocals), Warren Renfrow (bass, vocals), and Jorge E. Disguster (drums, vocals). The members’ previous group affiliations are extensive: Greg (Joyride, Foxy), Frank (Adolescents, Legal Weapon, T.S.O.L.), Warren (Cadillac Tramps, Manic Hispanic, Final Conflict, and tours with Adolescents and The Damned), Jorge (Mr. Mirainga, Mink Daggers, CoDependents).

In 2019, the band released its debut album Shake, Stomp and Stumble on Primal Beat Records. The album was produced by Paul Miner whose credits include New Found Glory, C.J. Ramone, and Lisa Loeb, among others. In spring 2020, The Lonely Streets returned to the studio with Miner to commence work on a second LP.

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