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drums, backing vocals

The Lonely Streets’ lineup is completed by powerhouse drummer Jorge E. Disguster.  He has put in countless hours and years in numerous SoCal rock acts. “Music was an escape from sports, or getting a kick out of watching them,” says Disguster. “After hearing (Guns N’ Roses’) Appetite for Destruction I knew the life I wanted.” Antista says that Disguster is everybody’s favorite drummer on the Orange County scene and that nobody hits harder.


Greg's relationship with Jorge goes back to the early 90’s and his day’s spent bartending at Linda’s Doll Hut.  According to Antista, "Not to say that security was lax at our establishment but somehow Jorge became a fixture there before he was 21. We were all impressed with Jorge’s drums skills when he began gigging at the Hut with the funk rock power trio Smear."


He was quickly drafted into bands as diverse as the salsa flavored Mr. Miranga and the power punk Disguster. The fact that he could do it all, paired with his endless enthusiasm and willingness to devote the time necessary to his craft inspired Greg to keep his number for many years.  Luckily for Greg Antista, when the day came that The Lonely Streets needed a drummer Jorge picked up the call. 

Jorge E Disguster


Mr. Marainga - s/t (MCA, 1996)

Mr. Marainga - Nueva (Trauma, 1999)

Disguster - Disguster/Hitchhikers (Zodiac Killer, 2008)

Disguster - Not So Sweet (Zodiac Killer, 2009)

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