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Greg Antista's band Joyride toured with well known Orange County bands such as Social Distortion and Cadillac Tramps.  It was during these days that Greg met the well respected bass player of the Cadillac Tramps, Warren Renfrow. Today, Warren holds down 1/2 of the rhythm section for The Lonely Streets.  Warren is also a founding member of Manic Hispanic, a much-loved cover band which cut four albums (1992-2005) of punk rock classics updated from a Hispanic perspective. Renfrow’s cred in the punk rock world is secure considering his roles as a member of mid-80s hardcore legends Final Conflict and as former touring bassist for the Damned (2002) and the Adolescents (2007-2009).


“I’ve been close friends with Warren since Joyride used to tour with Cadillac Tramps,” says Antista. “Since then, I’ve filled in on bass and rhythm guitar several times for Manic. The Southern California punk rock, roots and rockabilly scenes are all infused with Mexican culture. Even though the Lonely Streets don’t sing any songs in Spanish, it feels perfectly natural playing with bands that do. The artwork for Shake, Stomp and Stumble was created by my friend Louis Perez III (son of the Los Lobos member), and it conveys the culture and is a great visual expression of our music.”


For his part, Renfrow is excited to finally be in a full-time group with Antista. “I’ve been a fan of Greg’s songwriting from back when he was in Joyride. It’s nice to actually look forward to band rehearsals with The Lonely Streets. Great songs, great people!”

Warren Renfro


Final Conflict - Ashes to Ashes (Pusmort, 1987)

Final Conflict - Nineteen Eighty-Five Demo (540 Records, 2013)

Cadillac Tramps - Cadillac Tramps (Doctor Dream, 1987)

Cadillac Tramps - Drivin' (Triple X, 1989)

Cadillac Tramps - Tombstone Radio (Doctor Dream, 1993)

Cadillac Tramps - It's Allright (Doctor Dream, 1995)

Cadillac Tramps - Live! (BY0, 2000)

Manic Hispanic - The Menudo Incident (Doctor Dream, 1995)

Manic Hispanic - The Recline of Mexican Civilization (BYO, 2001)

Manic Hispanic - Mijo Goes to Jr. College (BYO, 2003)

Manic Hispanic - Grupo Sexo (BYO, 2005)

One Hit Wonder - Clusterphukafastuff (Lethal, 1996)

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