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lead guitar, vocals

Orange County guitar legend, Frank Agnew, joined The Lonely Streets as lead guitarist in late 2019. Frank has played a pivotal role in establishing the iconic Orange County punk sound as a member of seminal groups such as the Adolescents and TSOL. At just the age of 16, Frank recorded Adolescents classic "Blue" album for Frontier Records. He hasn't quit making groundbreaking music ever since. As the years have progressed, Frank has matured from a raw guitar prodigy into a versatile multi-instrumentalist. On the Lonely Streets upcoming full length album, "Under the Neon Heat", Frank is featured on lead, rhythm, and acoustic guitar, as well as backing vocals, piano and organ.


    Greg and Frank share a long history and friendship in the Orange County scene. The two were first introduced in 1980 by mutual friend, Steve Soto, and remained close throughout the following decades. Greg and Frank had often sat in on each other's respective musical projects, however "Under the Neon Heat" will be the first time the two appear side by side on a full length record.  "Frank was the first person I thought of when it came time to recruit a guitarist for the new album and with one phone call he was in the band. That's the great thing about playing with good friends, the important stuff is just understood." - Greg



Adolescents - Adolescents (Blue) (Frontier, 1981)

Adolescents - Balboa Fun*Zone (Triple X, 1987)

Adolescents - O.C. Confidential (Finger, 2005)

45 Grave - Pick Your Poison (Frontier, 2012) 

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